This is THE guide you need to find the right Long Term Care for your loved one

Deciding that you need a higher level of care for a loved one is a gut wrenching decision on it's own. Then, on top of that, trying to find the right place out of all of the options out there is overwhelming.

Sara and Todd work with families every day to help them navigate through this process.

This guide is what you need to know if it is time to start looking, where to look and then what to do once you walk into the building (and when to walk into the building, twice). Finally, how to make sure you're getting the best care while there.

The book is called Conquering the Maze of Long Term Care for your Loved One. We know it's a maze. So many choices, so many dead ends, and the feeling of inadequacy as you talk to all of these professionals and so many choices from friends and neighbors. We give you the solution to the maze.

We know this is going to help you during this time. We know it so well, we are offering a money back guarantee. See below.

Conquering the Maze of Long Term Care for your Loved One

And inside, you are going to get expert advice from a former Nursing Home Administrator (Sara) and an Elder Law Attorney (Todd) who have been dong this for over 30 combined years. They know what you need to know and here it is.

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Here's What You'll Get...

3 Signs that you need to start looking for a facility now so you will know it's time...

Top 5 Factors that Distinguish between Levels of Care (this will save you lots of time) making sure the care is correct...

Quick and Easy Steps to Narrow Your Search...

List of 20 Questions to Ask when visiting the care facility... (so that they will know you know what you are doing!!!)

A discussion of the various ways to pay for this Long Term Care (you will be surprised at what you may qualify for without going broke) allowing your loved one to get the care they need without going broke...

And a whole lot more!

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Claim Two Free Gifts With Your Order!

To make sure you experience is as good as possible, here are two bonuses!

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Todd's Handout that tells you what should be in your POA. (Give this to your attorney)

($49 Value)

In order to protect your assets as discussed in the book, your agent will need to have certain powers and your Power of Attorney needs many things. This explains what that is.

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Get a consult with Todd and/or Sara.

($225 Value)

Need some time with Sara and Todd to get a specific question answered? When you buy the book, you will get time with one or both of them depending on the schedule. We can't offer this to everyone, ONLY the first 50 will get a time to talk to Sara and Todd directly.


Click below so that you can begin Conquering the Maze of Long Term Care for Your Loved One

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Our "This is Fantastic" Guarantee!

We know you are going to find this book to be fantastic in helping you in this process of finding the right care for your loved one. If in 10 days, you read through this and you think it doesn't help you do what we say, let us know and we will fully refund your money. We know you are going to love this but if you don't it's "on us".

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